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Why A Spa Is The Perfect Winter Addition To Your Home?



Spas have becoming increasingly popular over the last decade, due to their lower running costs and smaller space requirements than a standard pool. Not only can a spa really set off a beautiful entertaining area, they can also be used all year round, increasing the return on investment, adding to their appeal to buyers.

Blue Haven Pools Managing Director Remonda says because a spa doesn’t have to be closed for the cooler months, it can save you the cost of having to treat a pool with chemicals and close it up. “Blue Haven spas are great investment for those customers who have limited space or who want enjoy the warmth of a spa all year round,” she says. “Spas are definitely an option of choice for savvy buyers as they take up less space, can be moved easily and do not require a permit for installation.

All these things add up to convenience and freedom.” Adding a spa bath to your backyard can add a sense of peace and relaxation right at your fingertips. Slipping into a hot, bubbling spa after a hard day will melt away the knots and relax you in the comfort of your own home.

“Our spas cater for a wide range of consumers and are suitable for 4 to 10 people, depending on your needs,” M Martinez says.

To find a Blue Haven spa that suits your lifestyle, allowing you to socialise, relax and entertain in your backyard, or for a free quote call 13 20 25 or visit

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Why A Spa Is The Perfect Winter Addition To Your Home?

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