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Pool Renovations

Is your beloved family pool beginning to show signs of ageing? It’s likely that your pool is exposed to the elements 24/7, and is know looking a little worse for wear.

Blue Haven are experts at refurbishment and renovations for pools. We’ve revitalised numerous pools and brought them into the 21st century with excellent restoration and design.


Blue Havens renovation services include:

  • Man made rockery
  • Timber work & landscaping
  • Luxury interior finishes
  • New copings & surroundings
  • Filtration & sanitisation
  • Water features
  • Quartz
  • Glass bead
  • Micropebble
  • NZ Pebble
  • Pigments
  • Over 100 different interior colours and textures.

We guarantee that we’ll complete a new pebble interior within 7 days (weather permitting)

Pool Renovations & Restoration

Pools deteriorate over time. They’re exposed to a lot of traffic in Summer, not to mention the elements all year round. If you fail to look after your pool, it’s likely that it will show signs of deterioration even quicker.

Blue Haven Pools provide a variety of renovation & restoration services which both repair and add to the design and value of your pool and surrounding outdoor entertainment areas.
Pool Resurfacing

Naturally, the surface of your pool will wear down after enough use. That’s a price most people expect to pay after having hours of fun in their Blue Haven pool. But to continue doing so, you’ll need a pool resurfacing.

We use fibreglass coating to restore your pool back to its original glory. This fixes any cracks or leaks and provides a smooth, long-lasting finish once again. A pool resurface can also save you thousands on future pool repair costs.
Pool Paving

Surround your pool with paving and pool coping tiles that add a touch of class to your outdoor entertainment area. Paving solutions also keep your pool cleaner as dirt and surrounding vegetation is limited. This gives you more room to entertain and can contribute to the modern design of your home.
Pool Lining Renovation

Blue Haven Pools provide inground and above ground pool liners with multiple benefits.

  • Made for standard or custom design swimming pools
  • Mould, mildew and algae resistant
  • Strong and durable
  • Glue free joints that won’t leak

Swimming Pool Repairs

Some common issues people face with their pool:

  • Leaks
  • Cracks
  • Osmosis (Blisters)
  • Rust stains and spots
  • Mouldy pool surfaces

Speak to Blue Haven Pools about rectifying, restoring or adding to your houses main attractions.

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