Renovate your pool interior today from $7,990

June 18, 2018

Renovate your pool interior today from $7,990


Did you know you can get a new pool without actually getting a new pool? With winter approaching, a lot of home-owners are thinking about closing theirs. You don’t have to, because we don’t get snow here. But you might still want to shut it if you’re travelling, or if you’re worried about the kids getting sniffles. So how about getting yourself a brand new pool when you re-open it in Spring?

Right now, Blue Haven Pools is offering renovation packages starting at $7,999! Your project won’t drag out, because we always make fixed-time contracts, so you’ll know the exact dates from start to finish. This is important because we’re super punctual but also because your pool work has to be finished by 31st August or else you’ll have to wait till June 2019! So, what kind of pool renovation can we offer?


Pool floors

You don’t give it much thought, but when you look at your swimming pool, it’s actually your pool floor that you’re seeing. The floors on inground concrete pools need resurfacing every 10 to 15 years. You don’t have to replace it with boring grey concrete. You could opt for tile, coloured beadcrete (available in 54 colours), or quartzon (which comes in 10 colours). If you’d prefer, you can pick coloured cement, or you could go with a textured stone finish in the form of New Zealand white pebble, micropebble, pebblecrete, or smooth river granules.



Update the features surrounding your pool by refreshing the deck, patio, or poolside coping. It completely transforms the ambience of your pool. Put in new features like waterfalls, slides, pool floor mosaics, artificial rock gardens, or infinity edges. We can even change the shape of your pool from lap to abstract and vice versa, or convert it from a pool to a spa, filling in and compacting as needed. Our inground pool designs are virtually limitless.


Conserving resources

We can switch your pool lighting system to use solar lamps or LED bulbs that never need to be replaced. Incorporate fibreoptic perimeter lights or flush mounted chrome lights. For heating, we can install energy-efficient solar or gas-powered heaters. To conserve water, we recommend our exclusive hydromaster filters. When we’re resurfacing, we hold the pool water in a water sac so we can use it to refill the pool. Of course, if you’re done with your pool altogether, we offer professional pool-filling and yard restoration services.


Minimising chemicals

We can also install tanks beneath your pool for topping up the pool, though it can also be positioned above-ground. To make your pool more environmentally friendly, we have multiple options. We can install an Enviro Smart Mineral pool or switch out your filtration system to salt-water, or to a different system that utilises fewer pool chemicals. We also suggest getting a solar pool cover. It heats the pool while reducing evaporation levels.

For professional pool renovations from $7,990, call Blue Haven today on 13 20 25. We have everything – coping, tiling, interiors, heating, fencing, pool equipment and our Renovation Season closes on 31st August so ACT NOW or miss out until next year!

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