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Designer: Phil Anastas
Builder: Lucas Fletcher
Size: 4m x 3.5m
Depth: 1m x 1.6m
Pool Type: Concrete Pool

A Pacific star quartzon interior gives this Gosford pool its vivid blue colour, while a band of variegated glass mosaic tiles around the waterline frame the design and add to the shimmering effect.

Designer Phil Anastas also framed the entry steps and a swim out ledge in strips of glass mosaic tiles, adding another layer of detail to this design. The pool coping width is 400mm in a grey travertine to highlight the intense blue of the interior.

The pool surrounds include a retaining wall and potted shrubs along the pool border to add a natural element to the overall design. For this setup, we opted for an Enviro smart mineral system to keep bacteria in check while reducing chlorine levels.

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  • Interior pacific star Quartzon and glass mosaic waterline tile band
  • Interior features , swim out ledge
  • Coping 400mm travertine
  • Surrounds retaining wall
  • Landscaped features
  • Enviro smart mineral system and robotic Cleaning system

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