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Did you know you can build a swimming pool at your home without council approval? It’s called a Complying Development and the application can go through a Private Certifier in just 10 days! To do this you need to tick a few boxes.

How big is your block?

(click here for more detail) ANNEXURE ‘D’

What is your landscape Ratio vs. Your Built upon Area?

There is a maximum site coverage allowed for all developments. A Pool is going to add to your built upon area. For example, you must have a landscaped area of at least 30% if the lot has an area of at least 600m2 to 900m2. (click here for more detail) ANNEXURE ‘A’

Is your pool going to be located in the rear yard or behind the setback area from the primary road?

Will your swimming pool waterline have a setback of at least 1m from a side or rear boundary?

Will your swimming pool fences isolate the pool from the dwelling or any other structure?

No doors can open onto the pool area and all windows in pool area must comply with AS1926.1-2007. (click here for more detail) ANNEXURE ‘B’

If a boundary fence is to be used as a pool fence it must have a minimum height of 1.8m.

There must be a 900mm Non Climbable Zone around the pool boundary fence inside and out.

If there is a main road behind the property, there must be a 9m setback

Coping around the pool must not be more than 300mm wide if the coping is more than 600mm above existing ground level

(click here for more detail) ANNEXURE ‘C’

Any excavation or fill that exceeds 600mm above or below existing ground level requires a retaining wall or structural support

(click here for more detail) ANNEXURE ‘E’


Retrieve the following information If you have ticked yes to the above boxes, you are nearly there. The other items you need to check are:

  • Order a 149 (2) Certificate from your council by fax or over the counter.
  • Order a Sewer diagram. This can be obtained from a “Reece Plumbing” outlet or by visiting > create user name and password/login > Land searches > NSW> Select sewer service diagram.
  • If your property (or close neighbour) is sewer affected and the pool will be located within 600mm from the sewer you will need a peg out to determine the depth of the sewer. This can be obtained from a 4. Sydney Water Agent and will help with the correct planning of your pool. More info on Building over or adjacent to sewer click here
  • Let us know if your property is higher than the street or lower than the street.
  • Are there any trees in your back yard (neighbours back yard) that are over 6metres?
  • If your land is flood affected you will need a flood certificate
  • If your land is in a bushfire zone you will need a BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) certificateIf you’re not CDC Compliant, a Council DA is applied for. A Council DA is usually required if, you back on to a reserve or park, have a tree within 3m of the proposed pool in your backyard (or neighbours yard) that are over 6m, are in a heritage listed area, flood prone or bushfire effected, or if you want your pool closer than 1m to side or back boundary

Some lots and zones may require Acid Sulphate reports, Survey Plans, Landscape plans, Tree Removal permits, Geo Technical Reports and Engineering details to build within the zone of influence to any existing structure like a garage or alfresco area. Survey Plan and surveyor pegs if your block is vacant. Some council like Waverly council will require a survey plan with every application.


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