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Buying A Pool

Getting ready to build your dream pool takes a bit of planning. For most, the pre-construction process is swift and easy. For others, the process may be more complex depending on council requirements and site constraints, neighbour input and desired pool location.

Some applications require additional information to assist the determination process, which is usually advised by Council’s processing officer once the application has been lodged. Unfortunately, we can not always anticipate council’s requests, as these often vary, and may be specific to your particular site.

We are here every day to help obtain approval at the lowest cost, within the shortest time frame. We rely on a dedicated group of surveyors, engineers, water technicians, landscapers, arborists and planning specialists to help make this a reality. With our volume of work, we help obtain the best prices and pass savings on to you.


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01. Plan Drafting

A site plan is drawn, including the position of the pool in relation to your home, site boundaries and any other structures. The plan includes pool size/shape, filter location and fencing, along with other items if required, i.e. trees to be removed, built upon area ratio, etc

Good to Know:Check the position of the property service lines, including water, gas, phone, power, storm water, sewer and possibly overhead residential power service lines. This will ensure the pool is approved int he right position to the planned budget and avoid re-submission delays or unexpected costs.

02. Legal Government Authority Approval

Most plans go to the local council for approval. We also take care of Sydney Water and Mine Subsidence approval. Each council’s determination process is different and varies in time. We take care of plan lodgment, application forms and fee payment on your behalf.

Good to Know:Some areas may qualify for Complying Development approval, which means a super fast approval process. If the pool complies, and there are no site restrictions, we can get started quickly.

03. What you need to provide

  • A current site plan showing house, boundaries and site structures
  • A signed consent form to lodge the application on your behalf, signed by ALL property owners we will supply
  • Survey plan to Australian Height Datum requirements (if required by your council)
  • Basic approval (if pool is greater than 40,000 litres)
  • Sydney Water Peg out (if pool is located within the sewer zone of influence)
  • Landscape plan (if required by your council)
  • Council 149 certificate (if possible)
Good to Know:Additional services we can help with – landscaping plants, peg outs, survey plans, engineering plans, arborist reports, 1 in 100 year flood reports and other reports your council may request. We help find the best price with reputable contacts. The only cost to you is the actual cost of work by a specialist which is passed directly to you. We are happy to arrange this service FREE as part of our commitment to you.


It is possible to build your very own swimming pool without council approval. A Complying Development Application which goes through a private certifier in just 10 days. There are few boxes you have to tick first.



There are multiple rules and regulations homeowners have to comply with before construction starts and throughout the building process. Complying with these is a matter of safety and must be adequately met for the construction of any pool to take place.



Blue Haven is right by your side throughout each step of the approval process. We’re also here to help customers reassess their application depending on restrictions and council approval. We are committed to getting you the pool of your dreams.


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