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Women banned from ‘men only’ swimming sessions at Olympic pool.



A swimming pool in the UK has caused outrage by introducing gender segregated swimming sessions with swimmers required to cover up from the navel to the knee for “cultural reasons”.

The Inspire Sports Village in Stopsley will give men exclusive access to the complex’s larger Olympic competitive pool on Friday evenings, while women will be able to use the smaller 20 metre community pool.

The move has caused an uproar in the community with regular swimmers taking to social media to air their frustrations.
One female swimmer said she was frustrated by the decision.
“The Friday night …

Extend That Holiday Feeling With A Blue Haven Pool or Spa

Nothing says summer in Australia more than days spent lazing by the pool.
For those lucky of us to have gone away on holidays over the summer break, chances are some of that time was spent lazing by the pool. Well why not enjoy that summer holiday feeling year-round with your very own backyard swimming pool or spa?
Swimming pools are no longer a luxury reserved for the rich. New designs options have made owning your own swimming pool more affordable than …

Why Buy A Blue Haven Spa?




This means that their huge buying power coupled with their extraordinary turn over will ensure the best prices every time.


Collectively if you add all the years of experience of all their workers you will reach 100’s. So you can expect to get the right advice and the right service also the right product. This will save you time and money as you will only deal with one company …

Making backyards safer for children


The New South Wales Minister for Local Government has announced regulations applying to the sale of properties with come into effect from 29 April 2016.

The new amendments mean homeowners wishing to sell their property with a swimming pool have 90 days to rectify any non-compliant swimming pool barriers.

From 29 April 2016, vendors will need to attach to the Contract of Sale a Certificate of Compliance or a Certificate of Non-Compliance outlining what needs to be fixed.

This will allow fully-informed homebuyers the ability to negotiate on the eventual purchase price taking the …

Colour yourself happy!

The colour of your pool should reflect your personal style and seamlessly integrate into your home design. Choosing the colour of your pool can be an overwhelming process as there are a huge range of colours to pick from! No matter how daunting this task maybe, understanding what each colour family achieves can help you narrow it down significantly.

Warm tones create a welcoming environment and when done right, can give the illusion of a beach-like paradise. Surrounding warm, inviting tones with palms and tropical plants is a sure fire way to create your own slice of heaven in your very …

5 things you must ask before signing the contract for your new swimming pool



So, you’ve found the swimming pool of your dreams. You’ve done the obligatory research, and looked at all the pros and cons of the particular material and style of your choice. You’ve looked at price, you’ve looked at professionalism and you’ve looked at portfolios – that should cover it right?
In order to ensure everything goes swimmingly during the pool building process it’s imperative to ask your swimming pool builder these five questions:

1. Is your swimming pool builder registered?
Every building project, no matter what the size of the job, carries with …

Christmas gift guide for swimming pool lovers


Stuck for the perfect Christmas gift idea for your water loving friends and family? Don’t stress – there are plenty of last minute presents available to suit everyone’s needs that will make a splash under the tree this Christmas.

Fun gifts

• Ring toss game
An oldie but still a favourite for young and old, this swimming pool game will ensure hours of fun in the pool.
• Water pistol noodles
Everyone loves a water fight. Be sure to win every time with these ultimate water shooters disguised as a pool noodle.
• Pool ponies
They’ve been entertaining …

Building a Pool: Answers to your Questions!

Building a new pool is an exciting – albeit sometimes daunting – prospect. Luckily, there are plenty of great Sydney pool builders and designers around whom are willing to answer any questions you might have. Indeed, you should clear your mind of any concerns before plunging into the pool building process. At Blue Haven we’ve garnered a few of the most commonly asked questions and provided a quick response for each; so read on and maybe find the right solution to your query.

Are building permits compulsory?

If you plan on building any kind or variety of spa or pool that extends …

Paying for your pool


A pool is a lifetime investment, and like most life-long investments, many people rely on financial loans to help them through. Loans can be very helpful, and mean that we don’t have to delay or put off what we need today; however, they should be approached with careful attention and should only be signed onto once you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of what it involves.

The simplest way of differentiating loans is dividing secured loans and unsecured loans.

Secured loans are the most popular loans taken on by home owners planning to put …

Tips for transforming your pool area.


The luxury of having a swimming pool in your own home or backyard is, in itself, a huge asset to any home. Besides providing endless hours of fun and relaxation, is also adds aesthetic quality to a home. At Blue Haven Pools, the huge range of pools – from enviro smart mineral pools to aboveground pools, fibreglass pools and concrete pools – the options are almost endless, and with advice from a Sydney pool builder, you are sure to find a pool that suits you.

But for those who are lucky enough to …

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