Swimming Pool Tips

22 Nov 2018

Fibreglass VS Concrete Pools

In Sydney, there are more fibreglass pool installers than concrete pool builders so there’s more marketing targeted to fibreglass highlighting …

25 Oct 2018

Maintaining your Pool is Easier than Ever

During Summer, we’re likely to be using our pools more …

10 Sep 2018

Plunge Into Summer- Why You Need A Plunge Pool

“Did you know that this pool at Paddington was designed to house all the pool equipment under the white decking? …

28 Aug 2018

Add Market Value to Your Home


Are you a Sydney homeowner or investor looking for a specialist …

27 Aug 2018

8 Pool Accessories You Have to See to Believe

Are you looking to add some fun to your backyard swim sessions in the pool?  In this post, we take …

27 Aug 2018

Low Maintenance Pool Tips


Having a swimming pool in your garden can bring great joy and …

18 Jul 2018

Timber VS. Stone Pool Surrounds

Timber vs Stone Pool Surrounds

Pool surrounds are a big part of the experience …

18 Jul 2018

Lap Pools Can Be Sexy Too

Lap pools

When someone says ‘lap’ the word that comes to mind probably isn’t …

18 Jul 2018

All About Pool Lighting and Waterfalls

Pool Lighting and Waterfalls

Adding a waterfall or unique lighting (or both!) to your …

18 Jun 2018

Renovate your pool interior today from $7,990

Renovate your pool interior today from $7,990


Did you know you can get …

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