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Why a swimming pool is at the top of Aussie home buyers wish lists

When it comes to buying a new home this spring, it’s not a swish kitchen or renovated bathroom that is topping buyers’ wish lists. According to recent figures from it’s a swimming pool that most buyers want.

While practical additions such as off street parking got less than five per cent of the votes in the survey and en suite bathrooms just 7.5 per cent, adding a swimming pool was high on home buyer’s and renovator’s wish-lists, with over 21 per cent saying a pool would be the way they’d go if money was no object.

So while some …

Why you need to see your pool builder before buying your new home?



Spring has sprung and so too have the real estate agents dressed in their dapper suits, hammering in the little for sale signs outside homes right across the country. The month of September is typically the pinnacle of Australia’s property buying season, and real estate experts suggest 2015 will be the biggest we’ve seen in recent times.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade, downsize or jump into the property market for the first time, it’s important to do your research. And while most homebuyers know the importance of engaging engineers, building inspectors and builders …

Winter Worries: Keep your Pool Warm in Winter


Pooling your savings in order to afford a swimming pool and entertainment area is an investment that, most people agree, pays off. There are undoubtedly few things more relaxing than enjoying a cool drink in a shaded area while gazing at your pool in the Summer months, or getting that refreshing buzz from a dip first thing in the morning before the strong midday heat kicks in. Luckily Sydney pool builders like Blue Haven Pools offer a huge range of aesthetically stunning pools and spas to make your backyard a …

Beat the Heat: Start Planning your Pool Now!

The weather won’t let you forget it’s winter right now, but that’s no reason to put off your plans for a summertime pool!

So you’re considering getting a pool? No wonder, when they offer the whole family fun, entertainment and relaxation all summer long! You don’t even need to go on holidays; the oasis is in your very own backyard!  But we all know how quickly the months pass by, so it’s time to start thinking about installing your pool or face having to spend another summer sizzling in that sweltering …

Let’s go Swimming: A Swimming Pool Design that Suits You.



What better way to really have fun in the sun than with your own personal swimming pool? However, the decision to build your own swimming pool may involve a larger thought-process than you may have originally thought. From its size, shape, position, level, type and decorations, the choices are endless, so it’s important to pick a swimming pool design that suits you!

One of the most obvious decisions that needs to be made is whether to have an indoor pool or an outdoor pool. One of the biggest advantages of an indoor pool …

Aussie pools as a Décor Item


Australian swimming pools are no longer installed in backyards to give the family the chance to splash about and cool down during summer.

In addition to offering plenty of fun and exercise time, the Aussie swimming pool is fast becoming a décor item, beautifully extending indoor areas to outdoor spaces.

With the swimming season fast approaching now is the time to consider the options when putting a new pool or renovating an old one.

Managing Director of Blue Haven Pools and former Board Director of the Pool and Spa Association, Remonda Martinez, says that pools …

Winter Worries: Don’t Let a Dirty Pool Dampen your Spirits

Worried about the blustering winds of winter transforming your once glistening pool into a haven for leaves, dirt and bacteria? Fear no more: Blue Haven Pools understands the importance of pool water cleanliness in winter!

By putting in a little effort during winter, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort when summer rolls around. By maintaining some level of attention and care to your pool in winter, you are investing in a summer where you can enjoy your pool rather than deal with the results of a neglected winter. In fact, by following these listed simple steps, things …

5 tips for a fuss free swimming pool build

Building a swimming pool is like building a house – it is exciting but can be stressful. Like a home, plans need to be drawn up, council approval gained, materials sourced and builders briefed. Even with the most experienced of pool builders there can be hiccups along the way. Here Blue Haven Pools gives you their top five tips for a fuss free swimming pool build.

1. Research. If you’re seriously in the market for a new swimming pool you should know your fibreglass options from your concrete, and your infinity pools from your plunge pools. Have a dedicated folder with …

5 Tips for a Low Maintenance Swimming Pool



The benefits to having a backyard swimming pool are endless; instant cool down in the hot summer months, year-round outdoor entertaining backdrop, added value to your home and access to an array of health benefits.

Swimming pools do however come with their drawbacks including maintenance and running costs.

In order to keep your swimming pool sparkling clean all year round, Blue Haven Pools has compiled their five top tips for maintaining a low maintenance swimming pool.

Keep the swimming pool free of leaves and debris. The best way to do this is to ensure …

How to Make Your Swimming Pool More Energy Efficient

We all know how important conserving energy is and most families these days are conscious of their environmental footprint and keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

But this can be easier said than done for pool owners. While there are many benefits to having a backyard swimming pool, they are one of the largest energy and water guzzlers in the home.

For a typical household, maintaining an in-ground pool can account for up to 30 per cent of a household’s energy bills and a pool pump can be the largest user of electricity in a home—sometimes using more energy than your washing …

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