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What you need to know before investing in a swimming pool


Research and planning is essential before you take the plunge and invest in your very own backyard swimming pool.
And with winter almost behind us, now is the time to find out all there is to know about building your pool.
Here Blue Haven helps you to navigate your way through the swimming pool building process.


Select the right swimming pool builder
Don’t be fooled by clever marketing or cut price deals. Not all swimming pool builders are as they seem. Find out how long your proposed swimming pool …

Blue Haven Can Connect You


What’s your stand on the internet of things? If you’re a gadget lover that swears by your electric toothbrush, you’re probably giddy over the concept of connecting all your devices and electronics to the net. If you’re more on the Luddite side, you may be concerned about the robot apocalypse, or being attacked by your sentient broom and microwave.

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, this phenomenon has now swung over into swimming pools, aquariums, and spas, and yes, there’s an app for that. The technology isn’t intended to turn your pool …

Holiday At Home This Festive Season

Ways to Transform Your Pool Into A Place To Unwind
The summer period has officially kicked into gear leaving most of us a little weary and in need of a break.
Those lucky enough to indulge in the great Aussie tradition of a post-Christmas holiday don’t have too long to wait. But what about those who have to stay at home?
Thanks to Blue Haven Pools now you can get away from it all without even stepping outside your front gate.
In today’s …

The Danger of Black Spot Algae in your Residential Pool – How to Prevent it

What Is Black Spot Algae?
Black Spot algae is quite possibly the worst type of “infection” that can affect your swimming pool designs. Not only is Black Spot algae unsightly and grossly unhygienic, it can also be incredibly expensive to treat with some cases requiring a complete resurface of the swimming pool.

Of all the types of algae and species that can invade your swimming pool, Black Spot algae is the most difficult to treat because of its resilience to everyday pool cleaning products and its tendency to further …

360 Degree Knife-edged Swimming Pools: All You Need To Know

The Swimming Pool Trend You Should Know About
Infinity edged swimming pools created quite a splash when they first emerged on the market.

The swimming pool style was the ultimate in luxury, and is still often selected for their ability to showcase a stellar view.

The 360-degree knife edged swimming pool is proving to be an as popular a trend, for its ability to create an alluring mirror edged effect.
What is the 360 degree knife-edged pool?
Also known as “Lautner” pools after Los Angeles architect …

Portuguese Luxury Home Boasts Two Swimming Pools

One Pool Wasn’t Enough for This Portuguese Home
While most of us are dreaming of the addition of just one swimming pool to our home, a house in Lisbon, Portugal has taken it one step further boasting not one, but two luxury swimming pools. And while it may sound like overkill, the results are spectacular.

The Wall House was created with a swimming pool literally floating over the top of another swimming pool. One is located on the ground floor next to an entertaining patio while the other is suspended …

Give your swimming pool a makeover this spring

Is your backyard swimming pool looking a little tired? Is it out-dated and in need of a makeover? Let Blue Haven transform your pool from drab to fab this spring so you will be swimming in style when the summer months arrive. Blue Haven are the experts in refurbishment and restoration and can help you create a new look for your swimming pool and your home.
Weather permitting the team at Blue Haven can complete a new pebble interior in just seven days.
This includes new coping and …

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