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It’s Time to Plan A Pool For Summer

While the cold weather has well and truly made itself felt, it may seem like a crazy time to start thinking about your summer swimming. Ask any pool contractor in town and they’ll agree, the best time to plan your pool is now!
With the countdown to the hot weather and family Christmas gatherings starting in a few months, the waiting time for getting your pool in and ready for swimming is getting longer by the week. Blue Haven Pools Managing Director Remonda Martinez says now is the right …

Consider the Possibilities with a Semi Inground Pools


If your backyard entertaining isn’t quite complete, and you have dreamed of a stunningly landscaped pool, creating the perfect oasis for your family and guests to enjoy, but have a difficult site, you may consider a semi inground pool.
Semi inground pools are a great alternative to a completely in ground pool or an above ground pool and can be much more easily built in most types of backyards.
Blue Haven Pools Managing Director Remonda Martinez says semi inground pools are a great alternative to the above ground …

Be an all-season swimmer


Enjoying your pool all year round is a dream of all pool owners, however it’s not always inviting come June!
There are a few options for enjoying your pool from the summer months through to the chilly winter weeks, from solar or electrical heating systems, to building a beautiful outdoor pool enclosure, there are definitely options that will see you and your family enjoying the water all year round.

Building an enclosure:

There are several benefits to building a pool enclosure, they can add value to your property, give you room to entertain outside …

Live shark found in backyard swimming pool


What reads like a script that belongs in the famous Spielberg movie franchise Jaws, a five foot long blacktip shark was found in a backyard swimming pool in Florida.

According to reports, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation are still trying to determine how the shark ended up in the swimming pool of the Florida condominium complex, but it is believed to have been a silly prank.

The prank could have very well turned deadly if any unsuspecting swimmers had dived in before the shark was removed and returned to the nearby ocean.
Blacktip …

Aussie pools as a Décor Item


Australian swimming pools are no longer installed in backyards to give the family the chance to splash about and cool down during summer.

In addition to offering plenty of fun and exercise time, the Aussie swimming pool is fast becoming a décor item, beautifully extending indoor areas to outdoor spaces.

With the swimming season fast approaching now is the time to consider the options when putting a new pool or renovating an old one.

Managing Director of Blue Haven Pools and former Board Director of the Pool and Spa Association, Remonda Martinez, says that pools …

4 of the World’s Most Expensive Swimming Pools

As many swimming pool owners will attest, it is hard to stay within budget when designing your dream swimming pool. The following swimming pools will take your breath away, with both their design features and budgets absolutely mind blowing.

4. Y 40 Pool, Italy

Designed by architect Emanuele Boaretto this swimming pool is Guinness World Record certified as the world’s deepest swimming pool. Located in the four star Hotel Terme Millepini the swimming pool measures 21m x 18m and 40 metres deep and boasts 4300 litres of spa water maintained at a constant temperature of between 32 and 34 degrees Celsius so that …

Swimming pool trends for 2015

Swimming pools – they’re the most sought-after backyard accessories of the summer.

But what’s hot in design trends for 2015?

Like fashion or home interiors, design trends come and go as quickly as the seasons.

Here Blue Haven looks at the latest swimming pool design trends for this summer.

Glass tiles

When it comes to swimming pool design, fibreglass bottoms, concrete surfaces and porcelain tiles are so yesterday – the modern swimming pool is all about the glass tile finish. Glass tiles began to emerge in popularity last season due to their durability and iridescent finish that is quite unlike any other.

Water features

Waterfalls, fountains and …

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