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5 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Pool Area


There’s nothing quite like relaxing by the pool on a hot summer day — and wouldn’t it be that much better if the pool was located in your very own backyard?

If that sounds like your idea of the perfect afternoon, then it’s time to consider making space for a pool at your home. But a pool area is so much more than just the actual swimming pool – it’s an entertaining space, a place of tranquillity and an area for conversation.

In this post, we’re sharing five steps you can take to transform …

5 Productive Ways to Stay Busy During Isolation


While self-isolation is an essential tactic for limiting the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), there is no denying that staying home every day can get repetitive. During these tumultuous times, it’s incredibly important to keep yourself occupied and continue to remain productive.


With that in mind, we’ve put together five ideas to help you stay busy during self-isolation. Although these activities might seem insignificant or mundane on their own, it’s imperative to cross things off of your to-do list and beat boredom during isolation.


Now is an excellent time to complete household tasks you’ve been …

Pool Safety Tips this Summer

Nothing’s better than splashing away in the pool in the sizzling hot Australian summer. Swimming is a wonderful way for families and friends to bond, have fun, and capitalise on the warm weather.

Pool Safety Tips

However, it’s critical to follow essential water safety procedures to prevent unnecessary injuries or more serious incidents. As temperatures continue to soar, remember to use these pool safety tips shown below:

Teach Kids How to Swim
Do your children know proper swimming techniques? When kids learn swimming, they are more comfortable in the water and can understand essential safety …

Best Pool Accessories for Fun This Summer

Summer is here, and it is only natural that you will want to spend a lot of time in your pool. Yet as the heat rolls in, it is worth seeking fun ways to maximise your pool sessions.

Fortunately, with a few pool accessories, you can capture the attention and interest of both kids and adults.

Below are some fashionable and fabulous accessories to add in your pool for a fun time this summer.

Pool Accessories
Exciting Floats

The faithful accessory of choice in many pools, floats offer a brilliant way of enjoying the water and …

Top Swimming Pool Upgrade Ideas

Are you no longer excited about spending time in your swimming pool? Do you smile when you think about going for a dip in your backyard? If not, then you’re probably finding your pool a bit dull and should consider a few upgrades to get your pool looking good as new.

Luxury Home with Pool at Sunset

Even the best-designed pool will likely become old-fashioned or outdated with time. A practical solution is to conduct some renovation works to add modern amenities or designs.

Here are some of the top swimming pool upgrade options to …

How to Host a Fun Pool Party this Summer

Summer is considered the best time for your happiness and health. Apart from people spending more time outdoors being active, the warm days can even enhance your sleep and immune system. An excellent way of enjoying summer and reaping all these benefits is hosting a fun pool party. Here are a few tips for hosting the ultimate summer bash in your pool.

Group of girlfriends at a poolside summer party sitting at the edge of a swimming pool drinking and having fun.
Pick an Exciting Theme
Start your pool party planning by creating an exciting summer …

Remonda – CEO of Blue Haven Pools tells us what’s trending in the world of pools!

What is trending in pool builds / designs? 
As backyards get smaller we tend to seek out options to suit which is why plunge pools have grown in sales by 200% in the last few years. Plunge pools are twice the luxury as you can spend more on luxury finishes and heating and still have a nice grassed / landscaped ratio. With the additional of upturn walls creating a feature piece with a sheer decent waterfall blade you still get all the movement and sound of running water. Most plunge pools these days are custom designed to suit any kind of …

Pool 101: Different Pool Types Explained



When you want to buy a swimming pool, you will want to do some research regarding the different types of pools, installation and maintenance costs, as well as the associated benefits.

There are many pool types available in the market today, coming in different styles and finishes. Therefore, you will need to get a clear understanding of the options available to ensure the pool you choose will best meet your needs. This information should make it easier to make a decision and is an essential step towards getting your dream pool.

Below are some …

5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Pool

5 things to consider before installing a pool

A swimming pool is one of the installations that dream homes are made of; however, they are a significant investment that requires proper planning before you construct one.

If your main reason for constructing a pool is to show off to your friends, you need to reconsider. A swimming pool significantly changes the landscape of your backyard. It can also bring more fun, entertainment, and relaxation in your life. That said, here are the things you should consider before constructing a swimming pool.

What do you want? A …

Fibreglass VS Concrete Pools


In Sydney, there are more fibreglass pool installers than concrete pool builders so there’s more marketing targeted to fibreglass highlighting benefits and concrete comparisons. But how true are the ads? Is a fibreglass pool cheaper? Is it really better to have a slippery surface? Is it really quicker?


At Blue Haven Pools we offer unbiased advice because we provide both fibreglass installation and concrete pool builds. In fact, we have been installing fibreglass swimming pools since the 70’s and concrete pools since 1990 so it’s safe to say …

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