Pool Journal

9 Apr 2021

Five Tips to Stay Fit In Your Backyard

Australians have always loved the great outdoors and why wouldn’t we with our blessed sunny and warm climate. …

9 Apr 2021

Four Amazing Pool Theme Ideas For Your Home

It is always a good day to go out and enjoy the warm climate of Australia. With a …

31 Mar 2021

How a pool can increase your property value by up to $200,000

A swimming pool has been an iconic staple of a quintessential Australian household. 

According to the 2018 …

26 Feb 2021

How our Vacant Block Package can save you $15,000

Are you in the process of building your home and considering installing a pool?

This is how our Vacant Block …

25 Feb 2021

Mineral Pools VS Chlorine Pools

Chlorine has been the standard in pool sanitation for many years. However, with the common complaints about its harsh effects …

21 Jan 2021

Three reasons why buying a pool online is 100% risk free and how hundreds of clients have saved thousands with Blue Haven

Swimming has been synonymous with Australian culture and identity.

The love affair between Aussies and swimming made pools the backbone …

21 Jan 2021

Buying your pool online: Three honest customer stories

Online pool buying is safe and secure with Blue Haven but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s …

7 Oct 2020

How a Pool Transforms Your House Flip or Home Renovation Project

House flipping and home renovations are all the rage these days, as demonstrated by the vast number of house flipping …

23 Sep 2020

4 Finishing Touches That Put Your Pool Over the Top

One of our favourite things about working in the pool business is getting to help our customers turn their creative …

22 Sep 2020

What You Need to Know About Getting Approval for Your Pool

If you’ve been thinking about installing a pool at your home, now is the perfect time to start. When you …

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