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Save Water With Your Swimming Pool


Pool owners are increasingly investing in technologies that reduce water consumption in attempt to save money and reduce their home’s carbon footprint.

Water saving tools aim to reduce maintenance costs and increase a swimming pool’s efficiency and lifespan. These products promote sustainability, reduce running costs and maintenance requirements for an all-round better swimming experience.

Affecting most Aussie pool owners, water evaporation and conservation is a hot topic, particularly in the warmer months. Regardless of which suburb you live in, the benefits of conserving water are both environmental, financial and physical….

Swimming Pool Design Trends For Summer 2016/2017

New Pool Trends Emerging in the New Year
Each new year brings with it new trends.

So, what’s hot in swimming pool design trends for 2017?

Here Blue Haven Pools looks at what’s hot for the year ahead…
Tanning ledges
While this trend was popular throughout 2016, the tanning ledge is likely to stick around for some time. All part of the movement to create a sanctuary at home, tanning ledges are aimed at creating a dedicated space to relax poolside, providing a shallow area for relaxing …

A Swimming Pool Just For Your Four Legged Friends

A Pool Has Opened For Your Pet in China
First there were the doggy cafes and upmarket grooming parlours. Then along came doggy day care. A newly opened pool in China, however, has taken pooch pampering to a whole new level.

The recently opened pet pool in Chengdu China, where temperatures can soar to 40 degrees, has proven popular with pet owners seeking somewhere for their pampered pets to cool off.
The dog pool has proved to be popular
The pooch pool is proving so popular that swimmers and their …

Transform your saltwater swimming pool from green to sparkling clean!


Over the winter months it’s not uncommon for swimming pool maintenance to be at the bottom of our list of things to do. Cold winds and dark damp days leave little time for pool cleaning.

As a result, when the weather starts to warm up many swimming pool owners are faced with the challenge of transforming their pool from green to clean before it’s time to swim again.

Even for the greenest of pools, if you go to a swimming pool shop they are likely to charge you hundreds of dollars to …

Experience True Luxury with Eco Smart Mineral Pools



Bestow yourself an indulgence you deserve while simultaneously doing your bit for the environment: opt for Blue Haven Pool’s Eco Smart Mineral Pools.

Without the guilt associated with the cost of excessive water usage, the negative health impacts of soaking in strong chemicals and the blow to the environment building and maintaining a pool can cause – you can relax your mind as much as your body in Blue Haven’s ‘E-smart Pools’.

This kind of mental and physical level of relaxation was once something only possible with an expensive trip to the day spa; …

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