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Swimming Pool Regulation Independent Review Released

The Top Recommendations to Improve Swimming Pool Safety Standards
The Independent Review of Swimming Pool Regulations in New South Wales has been released, making 62 recommendations to improve swimming pool safety standards.

A number of problems with the current regulatory approach were highlighted, including different standards and requirements, however the government has indicated changes to the system were likely to cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

The NSW Government has responded to the report, saying it supports 46 of the report’s 62 recommendations: 15 fully, 17 partly and …

Portuguese Luxury Home Boasts Two Swimming Pools

One Pool Wasn’t Enough for This Portuguese Home
While most of us are dreaming of the addition of just one swimming pool to our home, a house in Lisbon, Portugal has taken it one step further boasting not one, but two luxury swimming pools. And while it may sound like overkill, the results are spectacular.

The Wall House was created with a swimming pool literally floating over the top of another swimming pool. One is located on the ground floor next to an entertaining patio while the other is suspended …

Get Fit Fast In Your Swimming Pool At Home

Disappearing Edge 2
Ditch the Gym for a Workout in Your Pool
Summer is here and it’s time to get bikini ready!

Rather than hitting the gym to work up a sweat, why not take advantage of your swimming pool for a refreshing and energising workout at home.

Swimming laps is a great way to burn fat while toning your muscles and provides a full body workout. Plus it’s a low impact sport so there’s less chance of injury to your shins and knees.

A workout in your …

A Swimming Pool Just For Your Four Legged Friends

A Pool Has Opened For Your Pet in China
First there were the doggy cafes and upmarket grooming parlours. Then along came doggy day care. A newly opened pool in China, however, has taken pooch pampering to a whole new level.

The recently opened pet pool in Chengdu China, where temperatures can soar to 40 degrees, has proven popular with pet owners seeking somewhere for their pampered pets to cool off.
The dog pool has proved to be popular
The pooch pool is proving so popular that swimmers and their …

Build My Pool


Our great outdoors lifestyle is synonymous with swimming pools. Have you ever peeked out the window whilst flying over Sydney and seen just how many Aussies have installed a pool? Hundreds of Thousands!!!!! In fact there’s over 14,000 new pools built in NSW each year…. And the single greatest motivation for this is LIFESTYLE.

BBQ’S, parties, sunshine, family time… A Pool certainly becomes your hub of entertainment… All ages will enjoy the addition of a pool!
Investment & Property Value
Home owners and property investments can enjoy up to 20% …

Pool Designs


Pool design- it’s such a personal thing. Blue Haven has the expertise to help and assist.
It does not matter what the site is like or your surrounding structures if you want clear and reasonable advice we can assist.
We offer unbiased advice over the whole range of pool as we supply and build all types of pools including Vinyl lined aboveground pools, fibreglass pools and concrete pools.
Our designers are experts in Pool Construction.
Are you looking for a natural pool design …

Blue Haven participating in St Vinnies CEO Sleepout




The Vinnies CEO Sleep out is happening again this year.

Remonda our Blue Haven CEO is participating in this important event. In its 10th year, the program has a target of $10M to fundraise for this program. However, the main reason for involving the CEOs of some of the largest or most influential companies in Australia is to raise awareness of the 100,000 homeless in Australia.

We need to celebrate the achievements of the program in the short time it has been in operation. Further information about the program is on the …

Let’s go Swimming: A Swimming Pool Design that Suits You.



What better way to really have fun in the sun than with your own personal swimming pool? However, the decision to build your own swimming pool may involve a larger thought-process than you may have originally thought. From its size, shape, position, level, type and decorations, the choices are endless, so it’s important to pick a swimming pool design that suits you!

One of the most obvious decisions that needs to be made is whether to have an indoor pool or an outdoor pool. One of the biggest advantages of an indoor pool …

Get a quote from Blue Haven Pools and be swimming next summer

When you think of Autumn, thoughts of amber, red and gold coloured leaves falling from the trees and cooler evenings probably instantly come to mind.

In fact, lazy days by the pool probably don’t even rate a thought because we know that winter is right around the corner.

But Autumn is in fact the perfect time to plan your summertime swimming in your very own backyard swimming pool. If you get in early you will have plenty of time to plan you backyard pool so that you can be enjoying all of the benefits when the warmer months arrive. Council approvals don’t …

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