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Light It Up!

Give Your Pool Some Christmas Cheer
With Christmas just around the corner, houses across Australia are dazzling with their festive light displays.

So why not get into the Christmas spirit and transform your swimming pool in the same way?
Light up your pool
Fairy lights look amazing in trees around swimming pools, giving the whole area an alluring glow. Wrap them around the branches and bring your swimming pool landscaping to life of an evening while adding some Christmas cheer.

Alternatively you could opt for waterfall lighting hanging …

Pool Maintenance Made Easy This Christmas

Top Time Saving Tips to Keeping Your Pool Clean
Too busy to keep up your normal swimming pool maintenance routine this festive season?

Well fear not – Blue Haven has put together these time saving tips to keep your swimming pool sparkling during the holiday season.
Clean before you go away
If you’re heading away for the Christmas break be sure to give your swimming pool a good clean and top up of chemicals before leaving.

Give the walls of the swimming pool a good brush to remove any …

Holiday At Home This Festive Season

Ways to Transform Your Pool Into A Place To Unwind
The summer period has officially kicked into gear leaving most of us a little weary and in need of a break.
Those lucky enough to indulge in the great Aussie tradition of a post-Christmas holiday don’t have too long to wait. But what about those who have to stay at home?
Thanks to Blue Haven Pools now you can get away from it all without even stepping outside your front gate.
In today’s …

Pool Fencing Safety 101

The media’s spotlight has been shining on pool fencing of late, with pool safety at the top of everyone’s mind.
While swimming pools are the epitome of summertime fun, the dangers associated with non-compliant swimming pools are well known.
We are constantly reminded to check and maintain backyard swimming pool fences so they meet safety standards – but what does that mean?
Laws in each state specify minimum safety requirements, varying on the date …

Say Goodbye to Nasty Pool Bacteria


Just because a pool looks clean doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe to swim in.

With increased usage and harsh weather conditions, summer provides the perfect ingredients for nasty bacteria to breed in your pool.

From the minute the pool is filled with water, bacteria starts to grow on the pool walls, pipes, plumbing and in the filter. Breeding, multiplying, dividing and growing within minutes, bacteria builds up immunities to protect itself from normal protective measures such as chlorine or bromine.

A protective coating called Exopolysaccharide Film or …

The Best Beach Towels



While once reserved for simply drying off, the beach towel has become one of the hottest poolside accessories this season.

From round to oversized, bright bold colours to cool summer hues, or soft throws to iconic designer prints, a fashion-statement towel is key to creating poolside style this summer.

Almost as important as the choice of swimsuit, the beach towel is one of the hottest accessories this summer.

Top end designers such as Missoni, Oroton and Ziporah are in on the trend, offering stylish towels for a …

Sunscreen – Which Is Best?

With one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world, it’s not surprising then that the mantra ‘slip, slop, slap’ is firmly ingrained in most Australian’s minds.
Slopping on sunscreen is a ritual followed by most when heading outside, to deter the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.
A string of serious sunburns this summer however has raised questions about the efficiency of the various brands of leading sunscreens.
Dozens of social media posts with images of …

Add Value to Your Home With A New Swimming Pool


Research shows that Australians have mores swimming pools per capita than any other country in the world with 90 per cent of pool owners believing a pool adds value to their home.

Whether the property is located close to beach or inland, many homeowners see a swimming pool as an essential addition to their home.

In some property markets a swimming pool can add substantial value to a home. On the flip side, homes without swimming pools can actually lose value when compared to those in the area …

FAQ When Building A Swimming Pool



So, you’re taking the plunge to invest in a new pool for your home.

Your mind is probably swimming with different questions. How much will it cost? How long will it take? What type of pool is best? Should I opt for a salt water, chlorine or mineral filtration system?

Here Blue Haven Pool answers some of the frequently asked questions from clients about installing a new swimming pool.
How long does it take to install a swimming pool?
Depending on the type of swimming pool designs

Pool Buyers Guide – Part 5

How do I choose the right pool builder?
Okay, I’m going to do my best to pretend you didn’t ask that question!

But since you’ve come this far and made it all the way to the end I know that you’re serious about owning a pool and taking the next step… so, let me ask you this…. (my turn…)  

What’s important to you?
Is it price? Is it reputation? Experience? Unbiased, sound advice? Fast approval and speedy construction? Impeccable customer service? A good looking pool builder who …

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