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Remonda – CEO of Blue Haven Pools tells us what’s trending in the world of pools!

What is trending in pool builds / designs? 
As backyards get smaller we tend to seek out options to suit which is why plunge pools have grown in sales by 200% in the last few years. Plunge pools are twice the luxury as you can spend more on luxury finishes and heating and still have a nice grassed / landscaped ratio. With the additional of upturn walls creating a feature piece with a sheer decent waterfall blade you still get all the movement and sound of running water. Most plunge pools these days are custom designed to suit any kind of …

Pool 101: Different Pool Types Explained



When you want to buy a swimming pool, you will want to do some research regarding the different types of pools, installation and maintenance costs, as well as the associated benefits.

There are many pool types available in the market today, coming in different styles and finishes. Therefore, you will need to get a clear understanding of the options available to ensure the pool you choose will best meet your needs. This information should make it easier to make a decision and is an essential step towards getting your dream pool.

Below are some …

5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Pool

5 things to consider before installing a pool

A swimming pool is one of the installations that dream homes are made of; however, they are a significant investment that requires proper planning before you construct one.

If your main reason for constructing a pool is to show off to your friends, you need to reconsider. A swimming pool significantly changes the landscape of your backyard. It can also bring more fun, entertainment, and relaxation in your life. That said, here are the things you should consider before constructing a swimming pool.

What do you want? A …

What you need to know before investing in a swimming pool


Research and planning is essential before you take the plunge and invest in your very own backyard swimming pool.
And with winter almost behind us, now is the time to find out all there is to know about building your pool.
Here Blue Haven helps you to navigate your way through the swimming pool building process.


Select the right swimming pool builder
Don’t be fooled by clever marketing or cut price deals. Not all swimming pool builders are as they seem. Find out how long your proposed swimming pool …

Fibreglass VS Concrete Pools


In Sydney, there are more fibreglass pool installers than concrete pool builders so there’s more marketing targeted to fibreglass highlighting benefits and concrete comparisons. But how true are the ads? Is a fibreglass pool cheaper? Is it really better to have a slippery surface? Is it really quicker?


At Blue Haven Pools we offer unbiased advice because we provide both fibreglass installation and concrete pool builds. In fact, we have been installing fibreglass swimming pools since the 70’s and concrete pools since 1990 so it’s safe to say …

Plunge Into Summer- Why You Need A Plunge Pool

“Did you know that this pool at Paddington was designed to house all the pool equipment under the white decking? Yes…. there’s a trap door that opens up to a  hidden staircase that goes down under the deck housing the filtration and gas heater underneath…. How do i know? This was my family pool at Paddington a few short years ago. I couldn’t get my 3 kids out of this pool day or night! ”  BLUE HAVEN POOLS CEO – REMONDA


Looking to install a pool but …

The Blue Haven Price Promise


Blue Haven Pools are the tried and true blue Aussie pool professionals, providing outstanding customer service from sales to installation to aftercare. At Blue Haven, we listen to your needs and provide you with the perfect solution to your needs. With countless years in the game, we have the skills and experience to fit you out with the perfect pool for you to enjoy this summer.  We boast the largest the broadest range of pools and have the most prominent display centres in the southern hemisphere, so come on down to one …

We are Now Offering a 3D Landscaping Plan Service!


We’re excited to share that we now have an in-house architect from Cannes, France working with the Blue Haven Team! This means we are now able to create gorgeous landscaping plans in realistic 3D renders so you can have a clear sense of what the final product will look like in your space.

We offer this service before, during, and after construction to all of our customers who are looking to experience this spectacular tool and work with our designer to create a fantastic outdoor space.

You may be wondering what a 3D landscaping …

More Tradies are Choosing to Side with Blue Haven



Aussie tradesmen are in many ways the backbone of our country. They work hard and do quality work to build and maintain amenities for us to enjoy. Being a tradesman is hard work with long hours and, on top of that, there is all the added stress of running a business and winning new contracts. That’s why many hardworking tradies are switching to Blue Haven. Working with a company like Blue Haven lightens the load on Aussie tradies and guarantees a regular paycheck each week. Chasing up money from clients is …

Australia Day Pool Party Ideas


Rolling around once a year to celebrate all that we love about our sunburnt country, Australia Day is generally a sweltering mix of sizzling temperatures, a few beers with friends, snags on the barbie and the odd game of backyard cricket.

Arguably though there is no better way to celebrate Australia Day than by hosting a pool party with friends.

To ensure your pool party this Australia Day is a success, here is a list of 9 Aussie essentials to ensure it is a success.

Australian Flags: Wave …

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