Renovation, Extension of entertainment area with new spa

  • 9m x 6m
  • Renovation
  • Pure white glass beads
  • Travertine surrounds
  • Cartridge filter, mineral water, alfresco living, cabana, extended surrounds, drop tank wet edge

Brief: The clients wanted to enhance their entertainment area by renovating their pool and install a new spa. The key was to make the both sit in harmony with each other.

Construction: The original pool was constructed from free form concrete which had higher coping than the surrounds. The original pool did not have a wet edge either, so it was all included as part of the renovation when we installed the spa.

Our designer used the wet edge to act as a seawall and the balance tank was designed with two walls to overcome the complexities of the seawall overflow.

The pool floor was knocked out to drop the level of a new shell to lower the new pool structure to seamlessly integrate with the newly planned surrounds and pergola area.

The site was complex with constant spear pumping required due to the water table and rising tides.

Results: This structural renovation project demonstrates the diversity of skills in our experienced team because this artful renovation spared the owners the pain of having to deconstruct their backyard.

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