Building over complex pipelines, Easements, Sloping block

  • 6m x 4.8m
  • White pebble and glass beads
  • Porcelain tiles
  • 2 pumps
  • Cartridge filter
  • Mineral water
  • Gas heating lighting, jets,
  • Feature wall with sheer decent waterfall blade

Brief: Our client wanted a pool that would blend seamlessly into their landscape so aesthetic would not be compromised as the block was sloping with numerous obstructions.

Construction: The construction process was difficult but our team was up to the challenge. A lot of property owners are unaware of what lies underneath their soil and with this block, they had easements, underground detention tanks, pipes running throughout the backyard, drains and a large slope.

This site had it all!

We installed an outdoor shower in a 'cut out' to hide the stormwater drain to enhance aesthetics. Our designer cleverly created a beach area where the steps were because the existing underground detention tank meant the pool couldn't be any deeper in that area so we integrated it into our design. And not to mention the easement running parallel to the pool made landscaping challenging.

Results: The project was brought to life with the full length feature wall which dazzles in the sun which creates a radiance of shimmering tiles. The clients are loving this pool and has become a personality of the property.

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