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How to Make Your Swimming Pool More Energy Efficient

We all know how important conserving energy is and most families these days are conscious of their environmental footprint and keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

But this can be easier said than done for pool owners. While there are many benefits to having a backyard swimming pool, they are one of the largest energy and water guzzlers in the home.

For a typical household, maintaining an in-ground pool can account for up to 30 per cent of a household’s energy bills and a pool pump can be the largest user of electricity in a home—sometimes using more energy than your washing …

Why Should You Have A Concrete Pool?

It’s the swimming pool that gives you the freedom of choice – freedom to choose size, freedom to choose shape and freedom to design a swimming pool that is perfectly suited to your family’s needs.

Whether you’re looking to build a new pool on a sloping block, narrow block, standard quarter acre block or tiny urban parcel of land a concrete pool is your best choice. While your options are limited with other styles of swimming pools, a concrete pool gives you greater flexibility in terms of size, shape, accessories and finish.

Thinking of an infinity edged design suspended on the …

Swimming pool trends for 2015

Swimming pools – they’re the most sought-after backyard accessories of the summer.

But what’s hot in design trends for 2015?

Like fashion or home interiors, design trends come and go as quickly as the seasons.

Here Blue Haven looks at the latest swimming pool design trends for this summer.

Glass tiles

When it comes to swimming pool design, fibreglass bottoms, concrete surfaces and porcelain tiles are so yesterday – the modern swimming pool is all about the glass tile finish. Glass tiles began to emerge in popularity last season due to their durability and iridescent finish that is quite unlike any other.

Water features

Waterfalls, fountains and …

Blue Haven Pools still best on price

In today’s competitive retail market, price remains an important deciding factor in what we buy.

The same remains true for new swimming pool builders. While quality and craftsmanship are certainly important factors, price plays a major roll in the final decision making process.

That’s why Blue Haven Pools remains Australia’s leading swimming pool builder.  Not only do they boast a reputation for quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and more than 40 years experience in the business, Blue Haven Pools also has the largest range of pool and spa products to suit all backyards, budgets and architecture.

And with such large buying power, nobody …

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