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About Spas

The Benefits of a Spa

Blue Haven Spas are committed to continuing the legacy of the spa, making them an essential part of the home.

About Spas

The term spa comes from the Latin phrase “salus per aquam”, meaning “healing through water”. Accessed for their healing powers, many people would take to the mineral waters to rejuvenate their bodies.

Contemporary spas get their roots from social spas in ancient Rome. Ranging from large social spas to elite private spas, they’ve been used for centuries. Famed for their ability to heal and relax, their popularity hasn’t wavered coming into the 21st Century. Spas are still used today for their social and personal benefits.


There are countless benefits of owning your own spa. Relaxation is a major benefit, with the added bonus of having this source of calm right at your fingertips, it’s now so easy to find peace in your own home. Blue Haven Spas are a great source of hydrotherapy, as they massage and rejuvenate tired muscle and bone.

Entertainment is another appealing feature of owning your own spa. Family and friends are brought together around the warm comfort of a spa. Also, what’s better than owning your own spa, there’s no need to rely on neighbours or friends to have a relaxing dip.

Our Spas

Blue Haven Spas has the widest range of modern spas built for your comfort and to last. This includes the ‘Cleopatra’ Collection. Our most luxurious spas to date.

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The Benefits of Spas


Heat is great for your body, especially the heat created from a Blue Haven Spa. Your body will absorb the warmth created by the spa allowing for better blood flow and greater muscle relaxation.


Our premium water management system stops the creation of any nasty bacteria in the water. Blue Haven Spas are designed to keep the cleanliness and safety of your spa extremely high.


Blue Haven Spas offer unique hydrotherapy treatment. Focused streams massage your body with an intensity dependant on your preferences, they’re the perfect solution to sore muscles.


The buoyancy of the water supports 90% of your body weight, letting you float peacefully, reducing muscle and joint strain.


Using an eco-filtration pump the water is continually turned over and filtered, 4 times more than the industry standard in fact. Combined with the water management system your spa is always swim-ready.


Each Blue Haven Spa has a range of contemporary features that make it compatible with your modern lifestyle. Connect your mobile device with iSpa and access your spa settings whenever you need.

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