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The Blue Haven Price Promise


Blue Haven Pools are the tried and true blue Aussie pool professionals, providing outstanding customer service from sales to installation to aftercare. At Blue Haven, we listen to your needs and provide you with the perfect solution to your needs. With countless years in the game, we have the skills and experience to fit you out with the perfect pool for you to enjoy this summer.  We boast the largest the broadest range of pools and have the most prominent display centres in the southern hemisphere, so come on down to one …

Blue Haven Can Connect You


What’s your stand on the internet of things? If you’re a gadget lover that swears by your electric toothbrush, you’re probably giddy over the concept of connecting all your devices and electronics to the net. If you’re more on the Luddite side, you may be concerned about the robot apocalypse, or being attacked by your sentient broom and microwave.

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, this phenomenon has now swung over into swimming pools, aquariums, and spas, and yes, there’s an app for that. The technology isn’t intended to turn your pool …

How to Host the Ultimate Pool Party by Remonda


For some, warm weather provides the perfect opportunity to sit by the pool and relax. For many though it is the weather calling you to party poolside.

Whether young or simply young at heart, nothing delights quite like a pool party!

Here are my top five tips for hosting the perfect poolside soiree this summer or anytime the weather is warm.

Prepare the pool
No one wants to go swimming in a dirty swimming pool. Clean the pool prior to the party, making sure the water is free of leaves and any debris. Check the …

We are Now Offering a 3D Landscaping Plan Service!


We’re excited to share that we now have an in-house architect from Cannes, France working with the Blue Haven Team! This means we are now able to create gorgeous landscaping plans in realistic 3D renders so you can have a clear sense of what the final product will look like in your space.

We offer this service before, during, and after construction to all of our customers who are looking to experience this spectacular tool and work with our designer to create a fantastic outdoor space.

You may be wondering what a 3D landscaping …

5 Swimming Pool Trends to Watch


If the time has finally come to install a pool in your yard, make the most out of your new oasis by checking out the top trends of the year so far in swimming pool design. New design ideas and technologies will have you enjoying an afternoon swim or entertaining friends around the pool in no time.

As with any trend in the home or garden design, you’ll want to make sure you’ll be happy with your pool design for many years to come. Consider the current trends and their benefits, but …

More Tradies are Choosing to Side with Blue Haven



Aussie tradesmen are in many ways the backbone of our country. They work hard and do quality work to build and maintain amenities for us to enjoy. Being a tradesman is hard work with long hours and, on top of that, there is all the added stress of running a business and winning new contracts. That’s why many hardworking tradies are switching to Blue Haven. Working with a company like Blue Haven lightens the load on Aussie tradies and guarantees a regular paycheck each week. Chasing up money from clients is …

Get the Most Out Of Your Pool with These Tips

Get the most out of your pool with these tips

Having a swimming pool in your house is a big investment, and there are ways to ensure your expenditure is worth it. Here are some tips on how to get the most from your pool.
1.    Get the right pump
Every pool has its own design that determines the pump you get. There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a new pump. Pools have different flow requirements depending on the design of the pool, size of the pool and extra features like …

Concrete Pools vs Fibreglass Pools

In the first part of this blog series, we have already learned about the advantages that come with installing an in-ground concrete pool due to its longevity and on-site installation process. In the second and last part of this series, we will focus on the design opportunities of both materials, tactility and of course the value you’ll get for your money.

While fibreglass pools come manufactured off the factory shelf, their sizes and shapes offer little opportunity to blend into an existing landscape. Locally handmade concrete pools will follow any slope and steeps of your property to match any shape you …

Concrete vs Fibreglass Pools

Inground Concrete Swimming Pool


Having an in-ground swimming pool in your garden will not only add value to your property but brings a range of lifestyle benefits. Living with water is a whole way of life for many of us, and nothing beats those family memories of having the children giggle and play in the pool on a hot summer day, a little exercise after work or a barbecue fired up on the deck beside it. In case you consider having a backyard oasis yourself and look around lush hideaways, you will find …

Commonly Asked Questions about Pools (Part-2)

Concrete Swimming pools

Q. What about hidden costs?
With every order of a Blue Haven pool, we offer a fixed price and fixed term contract. We pride ourselves on being able to thoroughly explain to our clients all of the details of their pool plans, installation, time frame, and contracting so that there are no hidden costs or surprises along the way. With every pool order, we use a Master Builders Contract to ensure we are complying with all relevant building laws, fairly informing the client of any risks, and clearly outlining our obligations. …

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