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Pool Surrounds: Gardens and Features


Adding a small garden plot or some potted plants around the pool helps to break up long swaths of paving and adds an attractive natural element to your design. A thin garden strip along a boundary wall is an excellent spot for tall shrubs or bamboo, which both add a pop of colour and conceal the fence a bit. Just remember that you don’t want to plant anything that sheds a lot of leaves directly next to the pool, as it will be a headache to clean up. You’ll also want to …

Pool Surrounds: Shade Shelters and Sun Lounges

This is the third post in a four-part series on designing your pool surrounds. Today we’re talking about how to maximise comfort in your surrounds through the shade, sun lounges, and poolside structures.
Incorporating shaded areas into your pool surrounds is a must for ensuring that there are comfortable areas to relax and socialise both in and out of the water. Simple ways to add shade include installing an awning (fixed or retractable), pergola, gazebo, or shade sail to keep the sun off of seating areas. You can even plan to landscape …

Pool Surrounds: Paving


This is the second post in a four-part series on designing your pool surrounds. This time we’ll focus on one of the first elements that pool owners need to tackle when designing the surrounds: paving. Some of the most important factors to keep in mind when selecting pavement are that the material you choose is:

Non-slippery (even when wet)
Quality and long-lasting
A comfortable texture to walk on when barefoot
Light enough in colour to minimise heat absorption (comfortable for bare feet even when in direct sun)
Treated and appropriately sealed to …

Light It Up!

Give Your Pool Some Christmas Cheer
With Christmas just around the corner, houses across Australia are dazzling with their festive light displays.

So why not get into the Christmas spirit and transform your swimming pool in the same way?
Light up your pool
Fairy lights look amazing in trees around swimming pools, giving the whole area an alluring glow. Wrap them around the branches and bring your swimming pool landscaping to life of an evening while adding some Christmas cheer.

Alternatively you could opt for waterfall lighting hanging …

Pool Surrounds: Tips for Creating A Fun & Relaxing Space


Designing fun and functional areas around your pool is essential to creating a smooth flow between your pool, home, and garden spaces, and allows for easy entertaining all summer long. In this four-part series, we’ll discuss how to design serene and attractive pool surrounds where everyone will want to sit back and relax.

In this first post, we’ll begin with some broad points to consider when thinking about your pool surrounds.
A Cohesive Look
You don’t want your pool design to look out of place next to your house—there should be a logical connection in …

Best Colour for Your Swimming Pool


Swimming Pool with Disappearing  edge

Did you know that the colour of your in-ground swimming pool can create a look all of its own? It can add in an instant *vibe* to your pool area; your in-ground swimming pool can look and feel like a crystal clear blue lagoon, or a sandy beach oasis. The pools of today no longer come in just one colour option, so you have the freedom to choose not only the swimming pool size and shape that suits your yard but the colour that suits your theme. Coloured …

Pool Maintenance Made Easy This Christmas

Top Time Saving Tips to Keeping Your Pool Clean
Too busy to keep up your normal swimming pool maintenance routine this festive season?

Well fear not – Blue Haven has put together these time saving tips to keep your swimming pool sparkling during the holiday season.
Clean before you go away
If you’re heading away for the Christmas break be sure to give your swimming pool a good clean and top up of chemicals before leaving.

Give the walls of the swimming pool a good brush to remove any …

Holiday At Home This Festive Season

Ways to Transform Your Pool Into A Place To Unwind
The summer period has officially kicked into gear leaving most of us a little weary and in need of a break.
Those lucky enough to indulge in the great Aussie tradition of a post-Christmas holiday don’t have too long to wait. But what about those who have to stay at home?
Thanks to Blue Haven Pools now you can get away from it all without even stepping outside your front gate.
In today’s …

Extend That Holiday Feeling With A Blue Haven Pool or Spa

Nothing says summer in Australia more than days spent lazing by the pool.
For those lucky of us to have gone away on holidays over the summer break, chances are some of that time was spent lazing by the pool. Well why not enjoy that summer holiday feeling year-round with your very own backyard swimming pool or spa?
Swimming pools are no longer a luxury reserved for the rich. New designs options have made owning your own swimming pool more affordable than …

Looking After Your Pool All Year Round


Caring for your swimming pool is important, did you know that how you care for your pool varies with every season?

It’s relatively simple if you just follow a regular maintenance programme.

Test your pool water to ensure it is safe to swim in; you need to monitor the pH balance and chlorine levels regularly. If you leave your pool water untreated, it can lead to bacteria, algae and viruses and other organisms to form in your pool. If the water has become cloudy, it can affect the eyes and skin of swimmers.

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