Concrete Pools

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The design of your pool is the most important aspect of your decision.

The biggest advantage with a concrete pool is the infinite design possibilities. A concrete pool is designed to fit your property, to compliment the architecture of your home and blend with the landscaping theme you want to create. Because of their great strength, concrete pools can be installed in almost any site this includes rock site, cliff edges, waterfronts, suspended structures- they can even become part of the house foundation so that the pool water laps the house walls.

A concrete pool can be built indoors or outdoors or even have both indoor and outdoor parts to them.

There are many features that can be incorporated into a concrete pool that are difficult or impossible in other pools – such as designer deep ends, shallow ends, mid deep pools, variable depths, wading areas for small children, also known as beach areas, deeper diving areas, seats and safety ledges, swim outs, rockeries, level deck areas, disappearing edges where water spills over the edge to create a cascading feature edge.

Winner of over 350 industry design awards, Blue Haven Pools takes great pride in custom designing a pool to suit your property, architecture and lifestyle.

Our award winning design team ensures that your new pool blends in with existing environment and architecture integration as well as your lifestyle and entertainment aspirations.

Each unique pool is custom designed and tailor built especially for you.

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