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Fibreglass VS Concrete Pools


In Sydney, there are more fibreglass pool installers than concrete pool builders so there’s more marketing targeted to fibreglass highlighting benefits and concrete comparisons. But how true are the ads? Is a fibreglass pool cheaper? Is it really better to have a slippery surface? Is it really quicker?


At Blue Haven Pools we offer unbiased advice because we provide both fibreglass installation and concrete pool builds. In fact, we have been installing fibreglass pools since the 70’s and concrete pools since 1990 so it’s safe to say we know …

Plunge Into Summer- Why You Need A Plunge Pool

“Did you know that this pool at Paddington was designed to house all the pool equipment under the white decking? Yes…. there’s a trap door that opens up to a  hidden staircase that goes down under the deck housing the filtration and gas heater underneath…. How do i know? This was my family pool at Paddington a few short years ago. I couldn’t get my 3 kids out of this pool day or night! ”  BLUE HAVEN POOLS …

Rock Features


What kind of swimming pool would you like for your home? Do you want something clean and modern or something more natural-looking? Many homeowners lean towards the tropical lagoon style of in-ground pool designs. They contain infinity edges, artificial waterfalls, rock gardens, and little rock islands. Throw in some landscaping and you have a swimming pool fantasy right in your backyard. Every swim will feel like a holiday resort in Fiji or Hawaii. And it’s all yours, all day, every day.

Start by hiring the right team. Here at Blue Haven, …

Light It Up!

Give Your Pool Some Christmas Cheer
With Christmas just around the corner, houses across Australia are dazzling with their festive light displays.

So why not get into the Christmas spirit and transform your swimming pool in the same way?
Light up your pool
Fairy lights look amazing in trees around swimming pools, giving the whole area an alluring glow. Wrap them around the branches and bring your swimming pool landscaping to life of an evening while adding some Christmas cheer.

Alternatively you could opt for waterfall lighting hanging …

Pool Maintenance Made Easy This Christmas

Top Time Saving Tips to Keeping Your Pool Clean
Too busy to keep up your normal swimming pool maintenance routine this festive season?

Well fear not – Blue Haven has put together these time saving tips to keep your swimming pool sparkling during the holiday season.
Clean before you go away
If you’re heading away for the Christmas break be sure to give your swimming pool a good clean and top up of chemicals before leaving.

Give the walls of the swimming pool a good brush to remove any …

Holiday At Home This Festive Season

Ways to Transform Your Pool Into A Place To Unwind
The summer period has officially kicked into gear leaving most of us a little weary and in need of a break.
Those lucky enough to indulge in the great Aussie tradition of a post-Christmas holiday don’t have too long to wait. But what about those who have to stay at home?
Thanks to Blue Haven Pools now you can get away from it all without even stepping outside your front gate.
In today’s …

Public Swimming Pools Saturated With Pee


Now here’s a reason to purchase your own private swimming pool.

A new study has revealed that swimming pools can contain more than 60 litres of urine.

The results of the Canadian research project are enough to make you shudder and steer clear of public swimming pools.

All 31 pools and hot tubs tested for the study contained wee – and lots of it.

While considered a taboo, the researchers found that 19 per cent of adults have admitted to having urinated in a swimming pool at least once.

The research …

360 Degree Knife-edged Swimming Pools: All You Need To Know

The Swimming Pool Trend You Should Know About
Infinity edged swimming pools created quite a splash when they first emerged on the market.

The swimming pool style was the ultimate in luxury, and is still often selected for their ability to showcase a stellar view.

The 360-degree knife edged swimming pool is proving to be an as popular a trend, for its ability to create an alluring mirror edged effect.
What is the 360 degree knife-edged pool?
Also known as “Lautner” pools after Los Angeles architect …

Poolside Fashion For Summer 2016/2017

What Fashion Trends are Making Waves This Season?
Pool parties are the place to make a splash with your summer wardrobe this season.

Blue Haven takes a look at what’s hot in fashion and accessories for this summer, so that you remain cool sitting poolside.
One piece costumes
Once reserved for new mums or those self-conscious about their curves, the one-piece bathing costume has become this summer’s must have item. No longer designed to cover everything up, this season’s styles feature sexy side cutouts, plunging necklines, crochet and lace …

Women Banned From ‘Men Only’ Swimming Sessions At Olympic Pool

Controversy Has Arisen Over “Men Only” Swimming Lessons
A swimming pool in the UK has caused outrage by introducing gender segregated swimming sessions with swimmers required to cover up from the navel to the knee for “cultural reasons”.

The Inspire Sports Village in Stopsley will give men exclusive access to the complex’s larger Olympic competitive pool on Friday evenings, while women will be able to use the smaller 20 metre community pool.

The move has caused an uproar in the community with regular swimmers taking to social media to …

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